Proud AbsoluteIAS Team

Shrimant Vaishnav.... Rising up like a skyscraper ~ proud to be a civil engineer -if god didn't build it, a civil engineer did it. I am a content developer @ABSOLUTEIAS & from this internship/platform i am learning many of things . thank you to absoluteias for giving me this type of opportunity.
Shivani Shrivastava.... An enthusiastic web developer I'm a Computer Science Student more fascinated towards the trending and fast developing technologies. So am I here applying my technical skills to enhance the functioning of Absolute IAS.
Mansi Kanodia.... I believe in living in the present as there is no tomorrow and embrace everything as it comes during this journey.
Meera Keshav.... Seventeen, student, loves learning new languages and keeping busy with work, loves learning new things, curiosity is the cure to all. Loves creating new things and helping out to those in need, feels strongly for this idea of curating content and the cause of education and learning experiences for all, for free. Believes change begins with you. 🙂
Vaibhavi Rangari....... Self Engrossed One, Wants To Get Appreciated
Pavan Kumar Reddy..... I'm an electronic student .My self interest made me to enter in this field of web development.Through project I gained enormous knowledge and experience. Thankyou team of Absoluteias for providing platform to execute my talent .
Sayonee Baliarsingh..... I just breeze through life. I am super chilled, calm and relaxed about everything happening around. Right from stepping into a movie theatre all alone to travelling and meeting new people, I do it all. I am a person full of energy and always have some stuff to do. When it comes to meeting deadlines, I ace at it.
Rakshit Tyagi ...... a rising engineering enthusiast...with a perplex persona......determined towards the enchanting future.....absoluteIAS provided a plausible working experience to enrich my skills.
Mehvish khan....She is the girl who loves to read about warriors and she is the girl who spends nights watching friends. She lives to have coffee while watching rains . She has a great interest in poetry and loves to read from Indian shayars . Coffee with a book is her idea of chilling out .
Pooja..... I am the one who loves singing, writing, drwaing, cooking and lots more (no ends). My positive attitudes, hardwoking style and passion make me successful at every stage of my life. Difficulties never afraid me to move ahead. Kindness, sweetness and being a helping hand are my few strong points but salman khan and chocolates weakens me everytime and everywhere and I am selfish in both the cases as I can't share anyone of them with anyone.
Hey , This is Feba , an electronics engineer in the making.Hails from the lush green land of Gods own country. A passionate book lover , infact a bookaholic in all senses.An orator , public speaker and an anchor of College fest events.Proud to be a part of Absoluteias team.The internship is indeed a cradle of knowledge accumulation.
Sampriti Sarkar..... The one who's a animal lover. A bong introvert with great interest in travelling and teaching. Book worm by nature.
NISHA GOSWAMI..... I am the one who loves to read novels and being adventurous several times .i am the person who is dedicated to work.
Hello there, Afifa here. As you have read my name is a palindrome. I am an avid reader, a dreamer, a closet writer. A restless person who is searching for anything to do or something to do.
Dibya Malla Thakuri..... A Computer Engineering student who loves exploaring new trends and technologies. My life motto is simple: Follow your dreams. 🙂
Anshuman Shrama.... Homo sapien with wide range of interests ranging from playing guitar to hiking, and teaching too.. 😉